Your name is ARANEA SERKET and you are FAR TOO BUSY for introductions. Your fellow sixth years may call you BOOKISH and OVERACHIEVING, but as a seasoned RAVENCLAW PREFECT, you take that as a compliment.

You are the head of many clubs, student groups, and honors councils, for many of which you are the ONLY MEMBER. This however does not deter you in your insatiable quest for KNOWLEDGE. You will read anything you can get your hands on from MUGGLE LITERATURE to HISTORY OF MAGIC. You are a self-proclaimed expert on ANCIENT WIZARDING FAMILIES, particularly of the ancient blueblooded HOUSE SERKET and its swashbuckling founder, the MARQUIS MINDFANG SPINNERET.

Since your best friend is “shella busy” captaining the Slytherin quiddich team, you spend most of your time studying with your classmates KANKRI VANTAS and CRONUS AMPORA.  You are still very confused as to why Cronus insists upon joining your study sessions, considering lack of appreciation for BOOKS WITHOUT PICTURES.

You suspect ulterior motives, but you don’t have time to worry about STUPID BOYS when you have a Transfigurations assignment to finish!

Aranea Serket: Seta
Kankri Vantas: Gothichamlet
Cronus Ampora: Shel
Photos: Pyropi

[Potterstuck AU]
[Spellstuck fic]